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Naked USA: California Part 2

Our film begins at a nudist camp near Los Gatos in Northern California is a peaceful haven called the Lupin Naturist Club. Then off to see the East Bay Naturists who get together on an old Greenpeace ship moored in San Francisco Bay.

Body painting is the main feature of our visit to Rawhide Ranch, about 25 miles south-east of Sacramento. Then it's off to Harbin Hot Springs, north of San Francisco, where a spiritual community has a new- age development devoted to holistic health and healing.

At Elysium Fields near Los Angeles, we see a variety of activities: a yoga class, a caricature artist, a birthday party, a magician, sound therapy, group massage, a sweat-lodge ceremony, and lots of happy people enjoying being without clothes.

Treehouse Fun Ranch, near Riverside has a tradition of organizing events, like nude skydiving, which are open to the public.
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