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One Summer in Montalivet

Montalivet, France, a naturist paradise located in the southwest of France near Bordeaux is a very popular naturist resort that attracts families from all over the globe. Aside from the very popular beach, there are many other things to do... we visit the girls as they try out the mini-golf course, and then it's off to one of the swimming pools, which are always teeming with activity.

The late 1990's brought about a resort-wide ban on photography, but we will always have timeless videos such as these taken before that time. In this film, children of all ages play together in the waves, and enjoy other beach activities, like body painting. The children visiting this popular French naturist beach and resort show off their newly adorned artwork and do some sand jumping, as well as some wading in the shallow water pockets of this gracefully sloping beach.
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